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A few simple measurements and we can make every ride great!Get A Body Geometry Fit On Your Bicycle!

To provide our customers with the best riding experience on any terrain it's important to find your unique active riding position, which will help you climb faster, descend more confidently, and ride with less fatigue.  This is achieved in conjunction with our trained Body Geometry specialists who have a complete understanding of your unique biomechanics and desired cycling experience.

Body Geometry is the most complete system designed to help cyclists become one with their bikes.  The Body Geometry fit method was developed in a joint venture between Dr. Andy Pruitt, Director of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, and Specialized because we determined it to be the best opportunity to improve the riding experience for any level of cyclist.  

Our Body Geometry fit specialists will inquire about your goals, measure physical capabilities, strengths and limiters.  The bike will be adjusted to the cylist based on this set of accumulated data.  The Body Geometry fit specialist may also recommend solutions to improve comfort and enjoyment while boosting performance an average of five percent.

We encourage you to contact one of our locations to schedule your fit and discover what a difference being properly fit to your bike can make!

Fit Services Menu

Cockpit Sizing $50.00 (included with bike purchase)

  • adjust saddle for "X" axis (height) and "Y" axis (fore/aft)
  • check cockpit length for stack and reach

2D Fit $160.00 and $180.00 for Triathlon or Time Trial Bikes

  • We'll discuss your type of riding style.
  • We'll discuss any known physical limiters.
  • This fit includes adjusting saddle for "X" axis (height) and "Y" axis (fore/aft).
  • This fit includes checking cleat position.
  • This fit includes checking cockpit length for stack and reach.
  • This fit also includes checking your "Z" plane from both front and back and making necessary adjustments.
  • Items such as stems, insoles, saddles, etc., required to complete this fit will be an additional cost.

3D Fit $250.00 for Road/Mountain and $300.00 for Triathlon or Time Trial Bikes

  • This fit begins with a 20 step physical assessment, this covers analysis of your biomechanics and how those results will impact your final fit.  Flexibility, range of motion and injury considerations are some of the variables that will be be assessed during this phase.  We start at your feet and work up toward the top of your neck.
  • This fit includes a 15 step fit process which covers all of the fit processes in our 2D fit above plus additonal steps.  This fit will tailor the bike to the cyclist for both comfort and performance.
  • Items such as stems, insoles, saddles, etc., required to complete this fit will be an additional cost. 

(All fits are performed by certified Specialized Body Geometry Fit Professionals)



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